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Understanding Marijuana Addiction Withdrawal Symptoms

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After getting sober or clean from marijuana, people can start detoxing. It is the process by which the body removes all the toxins after years of drug experimentation.

Despite claims that there are really no marijuana addiction withdrawal symptoms, studies have shown that people tend to have physical or psychological manifestations.  Marijuana’s active ingredient THC retains in the fat tissues longer than other drugs. Marijuana stays in the body for several months, even if the user has stopped using it.

Psychological Withdrawal Symptoms of Marijuana Addiction

  • Insomnia

One of the most obvious withdrawal symptoms of addiction to marijuana is insomnia. Insomnia can extend for a couple of days, weeks and even months.

  • Depression, nightmares and vivid dreams

Recovering addicts usually experience emotional or vivid dreams that last for weeks or more. They experience “using dreams,” the dreams where they dream of using marijuana. This symptom can be experienced by the recovering individual for years.

  • Emotional instability

Usually, people will get angry to almost anything. They can get easily irritated and mad anytime. They get mad with almost anything- their life, themselves, their loved ones, career or people around them. Aside from anger, they may also feel euphoria and depression.

Other people also experience a variety of mixed emotions, including fear or anxiety; decreased sex drive, or increased sex drive; or a loss of the sense of humor. Their learning ability can also be affected for a few months as they lose concentration on many things. These withdrawal symptoms last for a maximum of three months.

Physical Withdrawal Symptoms of Marijuana Addiction

  • Headache

One of the initial physical withdrawal symptoms of recovering addicts is a headache. This can last for a few weeks or months with a very powerful pain in the first couple of days.

  • Coughing

People cough as a way of getting rid of the toxins in the body. Users usually cough for several weeks up to six months.

  • Night Sweats

People sweat so bad that they often have to change clothes during the night. They may also notice that they start to have hand sweats with undesirable smell. Sweating can last for a couple of weeks or months.

  • Eating problems

People who quit marijuana addiction may also have eating difficulty, including digestion problems or cramps after eating, poor appetite and nausea. These symptoms usually extend for about a month.

  • Shaking, Tremors and dizziness

People may also experience shaking, tremors and dizziness when they quit marijuana. In very rare cases, others may have impotency, low immunity or chronic fatigue, hormonal changes or imbalances, kidney pains, and slight eye problems.

The good thing is, there are ways that can help people who experience marijuana addiction withdrawal symptoms.  Ask your doctor or addiction specialist on how you can diminish them or help you cope up with these symptoms.